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The “Reflection” series of older people looking at their younger selves in mirrors.

this is such a beautiful series i love it so much

This is why I love the elderly. They have been here for so long, they experienced, they know, they love and loved, they cherish, they smile, they belong, they admire, they do weird and unusual things in front of us but thats because they are that cool. You have no idea how much you can learn from them. Time = experience. 

Always a Re-Blog. 

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“ Do not regret growing older. It is a privilege denied to many. ”

—    Said Someone. 

"I think I’d most like to spend a day with Harry. I’d take him out for a meal and apologize for everything I’ve put him through." J.K Rowling. 

Happy Birthday, Jo! Thank you for existing and creating the amazing world all of us love and will cherish forever! (July 31st, 1965)

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“ No debemos tener miedo a equivocarnos, hasta los planetas chocan y del caos nacen las estrellas. ”

—    (Charles Chaplin)

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